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ESF 7 Mobile Site!

eStoreFront 7

Mobile Site

With our new eStoreFront mobile site, your customers can view their account and pay their bills on the go!


You no longer have to worry about whether or not your eStoreFront website can be viewed on a mobile device. The mobile site is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It provides the most essential functions of eStoreFront in a user-friendly mobile layout.


Check out our demo site on your mobile device by visiting! To login, enter “arsguest” as the username and password.

Need help? Call ARS!

Here at Advantage Route Systems, we have a web programming staff standing by! They are here to help you migrate from ESF 6 to ESF 7 quickly and easily! They can also customize your desktop or mobile site to best suit your needs! Give us a call, we are here for you!

What our customers say…

“The greatest thing about eStorefront is that it integrates with the Advantage software. Customers can log on to place orders, manage deliveries or make payments and it automatically updates in the program so you don’t have to do anything. It’s a hands free way to get things accomplished without taking time from your employees.”

– Crystal Breem, Northfork Water Corp.

“Since moving to eStoreFront from our old website our customer engagement has increased exponentially.  This has allowed us to better focus our internal resources on serving our customers needs and allowed us to make it easier for our customers to do business with us the way that they want to.  Being able to offer the option to access their account, pay bills and place orders online has helped us to increase our number of orders as well as our average order size.  We couldn’t be happier with eStoreFront!”

– Chris Gorman, Watchung Beverage Delivery

RMA Tech Tip #3

How would you like to see your company logo in the background of Route Manager?


With RMA Custom Logos you are able give the system your own personal touch by changing the Splash Screen, Background, and the About Screen.


Instructions can be found in the manual listed below, or feel free to send your picture over to us and we can format it to work in the system.


See below for an example of a background change!


For more information on setting this up, please review the RMA Supplemental Manual 1-05: RMA Custom Info and Logos, found on or click below to email support and a tech support representative can help you out!

New Credit Card Processor!


We are happy to announce the inclusion of a new credit card processor within the Route Manager Software. The new processor is Moneris eSelect. While it is the newest, it simply joined a family of nearly a dozen other companies which are compatible with your Route Manager Software. Here is a list as of March 23, 2015 of all compatible credit card processors:

We want to give our Route Manager Software users as many choices as possible when selecting their processor. Do note that some of these processors are for certain countries outside the United States and Canada. Others are simply available within the United States.


If you have questions, feel free to give us a call or email tech support at

Mango GT/GX- End of Life

We have just received notification that the Mango GT/GX product will be discontinued immediately. We also received notification that the company who makes both the Mango GT and Mango GX will be closing its doors on May 1, 2015.


What does this mean for you? If you still have Mango GT’s or Mango GX handhelds, then parts will be available for a limited period of time. If you would like to order batteries for either of these devices, please let us know by April 1, 2015 so that we can put in an order for you.


During the month of April we should be able to receive parts such as:

  • battery doors
  • batteries
  • charging ports
  • repair items

After that date we will no longer be able to purchase those parts. We do have a good inventory of other repair parts for the Mango GT/GX.

In addition, we do have several used devices here that we will be able to cannibalize for repairs if needed. We expect to be able to support these devices until the end of 2015.


We would suggest that for your long-term planning, consider migrating to the MangoRX (Android) unit as a permanent solution.


Feel free to contact Jayme at if you have any questions.


RMA Version 6.2.5 R4 Now Available!

RMA Version 6.2.5 R4 is available for general distribution to all of our RMA customers. This update is free to all of you who are on a support and service plan. To download, please visit > Downloads.

Version 6.2.5 R4 has several things that have been enhanced and fixed since the last version.  There is a complete list of features below and you are welcome to download and install the new version yourself.  Of course, we are here to help you if you need an extra hand.

So what’s in this newest and greatest release? Here is a complete list of features:

Desktop Changes:

  • Allow Passive FTP for Bulk Statement Transfers.
  • Change GL Output for Sage MAS90 – Modified GL output for MAS90 Accounting program.
  • Fixed issue in Payment Entry that could potentially cause a balance error. Also, modifying a payment and choosing “No” to clear pending open amounts will NOT let you modify an existing applied payment info. The pending amounts must be cleared first.
  • Fixed issue so you can now search by Social Security Number again.
  • Invoice drill-down > Email Button not working – Fixed issue that caused the Email Invoice/Payment button to not work.
  • Remote Data Client – Afternoon Totals don’t match between what shows on the screen and what was showing on the handheld/handheld reports due to a rounding issue.
  • Separate logs from Advanced Communication Service features.
  • Fixed Enter Purchase Orders: Not Auto-populating Address Fields on Add PO screen.
  • Fixed Error Trap: Daily Sales Report – Fixed error trapper.
  • Fixed Month End Report not displaying branch info for expiring/expired Schedule End Dates.
  • Fixed * Product Class items marked as Inactive were still being tracked during posting.
  • Fixed New Customer Wizard: Not properly changing Price List by Customer Type.
  • Fixed Equipment Master Error Trapper – Error: 13 – Alias “RMRDGEQPSTYLE2″ is not found.
  • Fixed Skip Delivery Order without Closing Delivery Ticket issue that would cause the order to be removed from RDM.

Mango Mobile Handheld Changes:

  • Fixed issues with calculating On Hold/Past due when set to use the “Other” (# of days) method. Also fixed issue with Hold Service not requiring an Authorization Code if the Credit Class was set to “Never” for Past Due.
  • Dragged stops clears Rent Pending data on upload – Fixed issue where dragged stops were clearing the rent pending date, thus attempting to charge rent to days in a row.
  • Changes to reduce screen timeout – modifications to the handheld program to help limit screen refresh/timeout issues.
  • Invoices in Database twice causing Inventory Reports to be off – Fixed issues that were causing the database to get the same transaction data in it more than once, throwing off the handheld printed reports.
  • Receive Load Order Multiple Times – Added warning message if driver goes into Receive Load Order when they have already received one.
  • Fixed Perpetual Inventory issue on re-upload of afternoon card, when it was already uploaded.
  • Extended Customer Info > Open Invoices > Print option – added ability to print the Open Items list from Customer Extended Information.
  • Block EQ on HH By Branch – Added filtering to show equipment for the items assigned to that branch. Can be overridden to show ALL Equipment by an option in Branch Setup > Customer > Ignore Equipment Branch in Customer.

Customer Message Centre Changes:

  • CMC Scheduling via Nightly Automated Processing leaving RMA.exe open and never sending confirmation email.

Now Available: eStoreFront7 and Series 7!

Route Manager Series 7 AND eStoreFront 7


The dynamic duo is now released!  We are happy to announce that we have begun our limited release of the new Route Manager Series 7 and eStoreFront 7.  During the month of March, we are only doing supervised releases of the software and you will need to contact our support department to schedule an appointment to do an upgrade.


The reason we are being extremely careful on this one is because there is some critical timing with RM Series 7 and eStoreFront7.  The upgrade must be done at the same time and there are some other qualifications of the ESF7 upgrade.  For example, if you are still on eStoreFront 4, then you will need to do some extensive upgrades before you can use ESF7.


If you are interested in the upgrade, please email our support team at: .  They will work you into the schedule and help make this successful for you.


Just a quick note:  you will not be able to download the Route Manager Series 7 version from the web site.

Watch our Route Manager Overview video below to see a full demonstration of Route Manager, including the new features
within Series 7.
Watch our eStoreFront 7 whiteboard video below to see a brief overview of the new features within eStoreFront in under 3 minutes.

The All-New eStoreFront 7!

eStoreFront 7

Available March 9!

Our all new release of eStoreFront 7 will be available for limited release starting on Monday, March 9.  This is our new version that has the following upgrades from Series 6:

  • Coupons
  • Mobile access
  • Payment by customer type
  • Ability to request equipment
  • and more!

It brings an even more sophisticated tool to your customers and will reduce even more time in the office for your staff.


This is an update that needs to be carefully planned with your Route Manager.  If you are currently on Route Manager Series 6, you must upgrade to Series 7 at the same time.  The Series 7 first release will be ready on Friday, March 6.  If you are on Route Manager 2000, the upgrade will be available April 1 for you to upgrade to Series 7 and also do the migration to eStoreFront 7.


As our tools get more refined, timing is key to a successful migration.  We will work with you so that it runs smoothly.  Major updates are always tricky and we want to do all we can to make it completely successful for you.

What our customers say…

“The greatest thing about eStorefront is that it integrates with the Advantage software. Customers can log on to place orders, manage deliveries or make payments and it automatically updates in the program so you don’t have to do anything. It’s a hands free way to get things accomplished without taking time from your employees.”

– Crystal Breem, Northfork Water Corp.

More on Route Manager Series 7!

Last week, we told you what you can expect from our all new Route Manager Series 7.
Now, we have even more!
Now we have an all-new “walk-through” video so you can see all of these great new features in action! After seeing our overview video last week, many of you wanted to see more! Well, here you go!

We also would like to announce that our official release date for Series 7 is March 6! We will begin migrating our existing customers to Series 7 during the month of March. Contact us if you want to be an early adopter. We expect to have the product fully released for all of our RMA and RM2000 customers for migration in April!

Watch our walk-through video below to see a full demonstration of the new features within Series 7.
Release Date: March 6!

Route Manager Series 7!

Available in March!

We’ve been talking about the all new Route Manager Series 7 for a while. Now we are ready to show you what it’s all about!
Watch our overview video below to see what’s new in Series 7, as well as screenshots of the cool new screens.
New features in Series 7:
  • New larger screens that show more data at one time
  • New layout of the customer screen to be more functional and easier to navigate
  • Better tie-in to eStoreFront
  • New reports for inventory
  • For our migrating RM2000 users, 4 levels of Route Manager – Lite, Pro, Advanced and Enterprise!
  • Even more CMC functionality
  • Integrated videos and PDFs so you will always have the help you need at your fingertips
  • Completely updated manuals
  • New Route Track module
  • Smarter RMLive for more robust tracking
  • Web-based mapping in place of MapPoint for a better experience
  • More functionality on your Android Handhelds
Expect our release date next week!

RMA Tech Tip #2


Did you know there is a feature which will help create credits, debits, write-offs, or even transfer posted payments to another account?

The Customer Finance Assistant allows you to create a credit, debit or write-off transactions from any account!

Additionally, you also have the ability to transfer payments from one account to another – creating an easy solution when payments are applied to the wrong account.


For more information on setting this up, please review the RMA Supplemental Manual 3-28 found on or click below to email Support and a tech support representative can help you out!


Email Support at

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