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Android and Economical … Our Best Value Handheld


Starting At Only $175!


Our affordable MangoAX handheld is perfect if you want to get Android functionality without the need to sign up for a cellular data plan. The MangoAX places all of the best features of mobile computing in your hands, including:

  •  High Resolution 5

  • Screen

  •  Bluetooth

  •  WiFi

  • GPRS

  • Camera

  • GPS

Whether you choose to use this as a stand alone device or with your AT&T or T-Mobile data plan, you will find this to be a reliable and affordable unit. The MangoAX also makes for a great backup unit, too!

Contact our Sales Team at 1.888.294.7688 or 1.209.632.1122 outside of the USA. You can also email us at We look forward to helping you!

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April Special!

Buy a PTB-3 Printer, get a case of paper for FREE!


How about a new printer for summer? Now is the perfect time to get a new printer!


The Bluetooth-equipped Advantage PTB-3 is an affordable thermal printer solution for mobile printing. You will love the dark and clear output of the receipts. It works perfect with your Route Manager software! You’ll also be impressed with the zippy speed of the output! For each PTB-3 printer you buy you will receive a FREE case (50 rolls) of PTB-3 printer paper.

Don’t let this deal slip by! This special will expire on 4/30/2014. Call Jayme today at 888.294.7688 ext. 24/7 or email to place your order.


3201 Liberty Square Parkway, Turlock, CA 95380 | 888.294.7688 |

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April 23, 2014 – In This Issue:





A New Face, A New Voice!

Over the last few months, we have been hiring some top-notch people in our Tech Support Department – now we are adding new talent in our Marketing Department! As great as it is to have the best products and the best support, it really does not help you unless you know about it! So, we hired Kacey Beard to help us with a variety of marketing activities! Learn More


Version Updates

Keeping your software up-to-date is always a good idea. Listed here are all of the current versions for our core products and also some optional modules. Check out your software and compare it to the list below. If you need to update, please visit and go to the download area. Learn More


What’s New In Tech Support

Over the last few months, we have made many, many changes in our Tech Support Department! Since these are the people that talk to you often, we wanted to summarize some of the most important changes – in case you missed them from the flyers we sent earlier. We have one of the strongest line-ups that we have ever had and additional services to go with the great people we have. Learn More


Advantage Route Systems, Inc. – 1.209.632.1122 – 1.888.294.7688 –


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Call Toll-Free 888.294.7688

April Special

Buy a BT-4 Printer, get a case of BT-4 printer paper for FREE!

BT-4 printerAre you in need of a new printer? Are you getting ready for Summer? Now is the perfect time to purchase a new printer!

The Advantage BT-4 printer is a compact, portable, 4 inch (112mm) wide paper printer is Bluetooth enabled. This ultra portable device features a 50′ (16 meter) paper roll and has a lithium ion battery that will print over 150 feet (50M) of continuous receipts between charges. Printing is onto high quality thermal paper. It works perfect with your Route Manager software!

For each BT-4 printer purchased you will receive a FREE case (100 rolls) of BT-4 printer paper. Don’t let this deal slip by!thermal_printer_paper_large (1)

This special will expire on 4/18/2014. Call Jayme today at 888.294.7688 ext. 247
or email to place your order.

*Each case of paper includes 100 rolls.

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More Changes at ARS!

Over the last year, we have made many changes to make it easier for you to do business with us.  We are continuing to make more changes in 2014.  We recently migrated to a new credit card processor which has increased our efficiency. As a result of that switch, we will need your full credit card information for your next order.  In order to maintain PCI compliance, we do not keep your card information in our offices, but rather vault it safely with a third party through our credit card processor.

We created a simple form for you to fill out so we can enter your company and credit card information into our new processor. Please click here to view the form.  After filling out the form please fax it back to 209-632-6868.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ashley at 888.294.7688 ext. 234.  You can also e-mail her at

Thank you for your patience while we improve our business!

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January 13, 2013 – In This Issue:






A Most Happy New Year to You!

No doubt a thousand well wishes have already been sent to you for 2014, but we wanted to add our good thoughts to you, as well. We appreciate you as a customer and have a thousand things planned for you in this New Year. We look forward to working with you for another year and look forward to endless possibilities with you as a partner. Learn More ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our Android Software Keeps Moving Forward!

Update time! Over the last few weeks, our team has been fast at it on the Android. The RMA version has been on the market for several months and the RM2000 version popped onto the scene in December. Both versions are doing well and we continue to enhance the software on a weekly basis. Learn More ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amazing Customer Service

Our 2014 Theme Each year at Advantage Route Systems, we choose a corporate theme for the companythat defines who we are and what we stand for. It varies from year to year as we face different business challenges and set different goals for ourselves. This year, we have selected a theme that defines our relationship with you- our customer. We want to share that with you since it will be affecting you! Learn More ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Android Software for RM2000!

In December we announced the availability of the new Android version for RM2000. We realized that with all of the noise from the holidays, our message was drowned out. So, we are not only getting the news out once again, but offering an extension of our new product discount for those of you using RM2000. Learn More ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Advantage Route Systems, Inc. – 1.209.632.1122 – 1.888.294.7688 – –


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In the USA, on November 11, we will be celebrating the contributions by our Veterans who have served our country.   At ARS, we would like to honor and mention 2 team members who represented US in the armed forces:

1. Scott Hutson, Air Force

2. Wayne Kroutil, US Army

We thank them and all others who have protected our freedoms by their service. Particularly, this year, we would like to thank the small group of World War II soldiers still living who not only sacrificed much in the 1940s but who returned home to build much of the great infrastructuethat we have in this country today.

Without their willingness to put in enormous time and effor,we would not enjoy much of what we take for granted.Thank you, too, to the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts that have assured we have the voice and liberties we do today. Advantage Route Systems will be open on Monday to assist you and will be on a full service schedule.

God Bless our Veterans!

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Advantage Route Systems Android Software for Route Manager!


Only 2 More Days Left to save $100!

If you have been thinking about using an Android handheld in your business, you may want to talk to us now!

In just 2 more days, our special first release pricing will come to an end for our new Android handheld   product.  If you want to save $100 per license, talk to our sales team now!  All RMA users will be happy  to know that whether you deliver water, ice, dairy or other products, the software is now ready for you.

Our special price ends tomorrow, Friday, October 18.  This means you get an Android handheld license for only $200 per handheld.  If you are ready to go, then contact our sales team to get started.  If you need help with the upgrade, you can call our tech support team at 888.294.7688 ext. 2 or email them at

For compatibility or other questions, call Calise at 888.294.7688 extension 299. Or, if you are out of the USA, call 1.209.632.1122.  You can always email your questions to  Check out our website at

Today is a great day to get started on this fantastic new handheld software!

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September 16, 2013 – In This Issue:



ANDROID UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Free Software Over the last few years, there have been many changes in handhelds. Originally, we used a data card to transfer data from the desktop to the handheld. Now, it is tough to find hardware that has an accessible card reader for data transfer. In addition, nearly every device has Wi-Fi and most now have GPRS (3G/4G). To reflect these market changes, we are now including our Advanced Communications module for free to all users. Learn More ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Changes to Postnet Bar Codes It is not often we miss something as big as PostNet Bar Codes. Almost a year ago, they were discontinued by the Post Office for mailings – even though our own post office is still using them! Now there is a new solution – Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb®) (don’t snicker!) Learn More


Android Update We started shipping our new Android software last week. As soon as the first copies were being installed, we started work on Phase II of the project to add features for another industry – Recycled Oil Pickup. We made great progress on this segment and even added a few new surprises. Learn More


Advantage Route Systems, Inc. – 1.209.632.1122 – 1.888.294.7688 – –

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Advantage Route Systems
Android Software for Route Manager!

We are now shipping our new Android handheld software for RMA - Today!

September 9, 2013

We may have had a few doubters for our new Android software when we announced it
a couple of months ago, but we are happy to say we are shipping Version 1.1 today
to our Android customers. This version has been designed for RMA users in the following

1. Ice
2. Coffee
3. Tea
4. Bread
5. General Merchandise.

It will work on a variety of Android 4.1 (or later) devices including tablets (several
different sizes from 7" to 10") and cell phones. You can use it with either our 
3 inch PTB-3 printer or even our Advantage BT-4. Advanced Communications is built
in and we think you will find the interface an easy transition from our Windows 

The first release does not support empty bottles return, rent and other features
for those of you in the bottled water industry. It will be about another month 
until we release features for this functionality. We will keep you informed of our
continuing progress so you will know when you can start using these devices.

The price for the Android software is $300 per device. We are extending a special
$100 discount per license for the month of September for all of our early adopters.
In addition, you will need to upgrade your RMA version to 6.1.5R1 or later in order
to use the new hardware. Finally, there is an ongoing annual license fee of $50 
per device for the Android platform.

With the Android you will find it has most of the features that you are used to 
on the Windows platform. In addition, there are several new things that are only
available with the new handheld. These are:

1. Ability to integrate with Google Maps. This works in both the USA and many countries,
too. From your RMA software, you can touch 'Take Me There' and you will get turn-by-turn
directions from your current position to your final destination.
2. Built-in bar code scanning. You can use the camera on your Android device to 
take a picture of a bar code and it will find the proper product for you. This is
pretty cool and you can use it on equipment or products. While not as good as a 
Symbol laser scanner, it still can meet the need in many situations.
3. Ability to take pictures and save them with your customer information. We have
had this feature in our Windows version for many years, but most handhelds did not
have a camera. Now, with inexpensive Androids, nearly every device comes with not
one, but two cameras! We have tied this into our software so you can immediately
start taking pictures.

We are excited about the possibilities. With the extremely low price of Android 
handhelds, you can now replace any device that you are presently using with a low
cost handheld. If you did not have the money to buy a $1000 handheld before, you
can now find good equipment for an 80% discount. Call our sales team and talk to
us so we can help you.

Finally, we are firming up our release schedule for more functionality and introduction
into other markets such as bottled water, propane, oil recycling and other industries
that have specific requirements. We will let you know each week when something new
is completed. And of course, updates will be free to all Android users.

If you would like a free copy of the Android Handheld User Guide, call Calise at
888.294.7688 ext. 299.

Get more information here:

For more information please contact Sales at 888.294.7688 ext. 299.  Visit our web
site at
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