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New RMA Release and Year End Tips


Novemeber 9, 2010

New Release of RMA!
A message from David Kroutil, CEO of Advantage Route Systems

Today, we are releasing a new version of RMA – 5.0.3R5.  This new version is a continuation of features for the system including new reports; enhanced features for a few screens and bugs that we have come across in the last month or two.  For a complete list of changes, go to the web site.  You can also get a link to download this version, too.  

We have more features planned for the next couple of months.  In addition, we have laid out a road map for our development in 2011.  Our focus will be on producing reports that help you do a better job of resource planning – making routes more efficient and generating more revenue per stop.  Furthermore, we are looking at industry specific changes so if you are in bottled water, ice, recycled oil, propane, or other markets, you will find more functionality that will make your job easier.  We are publishing these roadmaps during the month of November and would invite your comments so that we can build quality products that meet your needs – now and in the future!

Last week, we were at the IPIA ice convention in Las Vegas and it was good talking to many of you who sell ice in the US and around the world. Several of you commented on how the tech support department was doing a better job of helping when called.  Dave Williams, along with Javier, Jas, Steve and Kris have been focused, determined and successful in quickly getting to all of your questions or problems.  My hat is off to all of them.  They couldn’t do their job if it weren’t for the support they get from programming and others!

Let us hear from you.  If you need something, send an email, or call – we are always interested in hearing how we can make your jobs easier.  Technology is a great thing – but only as it applies to you.  Your feedback is a crucial part of our ability to help you and make you more successful!


David Kroutil

RMA Year End Tips!

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and we wanted to remind you about some important utilities and reports that we suggest to be ran during your normal month-end process, as you transition from 2010 to 2011.  Specifically, we are referring to extending your route calendars for the New Year, running the end-of-the-year sales tax report, and your end-of-the-year sales detail report. 

These are routine processes within Route Manager, if you need assistance, please feel free to contact technical support and we will be glad to assist you.  As a reminder, when you contact technical support for assistance with these matters, the time is deducted from your support plan.  Below is a brief description of the suggested end-of-the-year processes and instructions on how to complete them on your own.


Dave Williams and the Worlds Best Support Team

Extending Route Calendars:

Two main calendars need extending during your end-of-the-year process these are the Holiday Calendar, and the Day Label Calendars.  Both can be located at the following locations within RMA:


NOTE: Remember before starting this process, you should backup all of your Route Manager Data.

  • Click on the “File” menu
  • Select the “Branch Setup” menu item
  • Select the “Calendars” Tab

  • Click on the “Holiday Calendar” icon to extend the “Holiday Calendar”
  • Use the calendar to select the dates that your company recognizes as a holiday
  • Click on the “Save” button to save your changes


  • Click on the “Day Label Calendar” icon to extend the “Day Label Calendar”
  • Select a new date under “Route Schedule End Date
  • Click the “Rebuild Day Labels” button
  • Click on the “Save” button to save your changes


  • Close out of “Branch Setup” by pressing the “Exit” Button
  • Click on the “Module Date” button
  • Type in a date for the “Date to be used” that is one full month from your current date (ex: Today’s date is 12/14/2009 so I would change it to 11/14/2009)
    • ( NOTE: In Series 5 Release 6 and Version 4.1 Build 5300+, this step is no longer required!!)
  • Click on the “OK” button to change the “Module Date

  • Click on the “Handhelds” menu
  • Click on “Utilities” menu item
  • Select the “Extend Route Calendars” menu item

  • Check “All Branches” checkbox (Only there if you have multiple branches)
  • Click on the “OK” button to select all of the branches
  • Check “All Customers” checkbox
  • Click on the “OK” button to extend out your calendars

NOTE: It is required to extend the “Holiday Calendar” before extending the “Day Label Calendar”, and this process must be repeated for ALL branches.

Sales and Tax Report:

The “Sales and Tax Report” provides sales and tax information based on monthly, quarterly, and year-to-date totals posted.  This report generates a listing of the taxes broken down by Tax Code and Authority, and includes an overall grand total for all the taxes paid during the year.  To run the “Sales and Tax Report,” for the year follow these steps:


  • Click on the “Reports” menu
  • Click on the “Accounting Reports” menu item
  • Select the “Sales and Tax Report” menu item
  • Select the “First Tax ID Code” in the “Sales Tax ID From” dropdown list
  • Select the “Last Tax ID Code” in the “Sales Tax ID To” dropdown list
  • Check the “Calculate from History” checkbox to allow you to select a date range
  • Type in the first date of the year in the “Date From” field
  • Type in the Last date of the year in the “Date To” field
  • Click on the “Preview Report” button to display the Sales and Tax’s during that given time.


Sales Detail Report:

                This report is quite helpful for sales figures.  There are a number of criteria and sorting options available on this report.  Generally, we recommend that you select all branches to run this report, and establish the sorting options first then criteria second.  For the year-end process, you should select the dates that mark the beginning and end of your company’s yearly cycle.  To run the “Sales Detail Report,” for the year follow these steps:


  • Click on the “Reports” menu
  • Click on the “Accounting Reports” menu item
  • Select the “Sales Detail Report” menu item
  • Keep all of the settings as you normally would for your monthly “Sales Detail Report
  • Type in the first date of the year in the “Date From” field
  • Type in the Last date of the year in the “Date To” field
  • Click on the “Preview Report” button to display the “Sales Detail Report” during that given time.



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